Filing Forms

National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Systems for Electronic Rates & Forms Filings (SERFF)

For SERFF filings requiring a filing fee:

If you do not use an electronic funds transfer (EFT), then you may submit a SERFF Retaliatory Filing Fee - ND2000 form (SFN 51680) when submitting the filing fee through the mail.

Hard Copy Filing

The North Dakota Insurance Department introduced the Policy, Form, and Rate Filing Transmittal - ND1000 form (SFN 51679). Per Bulletin 98-1, this form is required to be used when filing a hard copy policy, form or rate filing.

The Department will also accept the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' (NAIC) Uniform Filing Transmittal Form or Policy Form. It is not necessary to submit both the Uniform Filing Transmittal Form and SFN 51679.

  • The Interactive Property & Casualty Transmittal Document is designed for property and casualty submissions.
  • The Life, Accident & Health, Annuity, Credit Transmittal Document is designed for life, health, annuity and credit submissions.

For property and casualty loss cost filings, in addition to SFN 51679, the Prospective Loss Costs Reference Filing - NDPC300 form (SFN 51681) is required.

For crop hail loss cost filings, in addition to SFN 51679, the Crop Insurance Rate Filing - NDPC200 form (SFN 51682) is required.

For consent to rate filings, the Consent to Rate Application - NDPC400 (SFN 51683) is required. SFN 51679 is not required for this type of filing.