The following Fire Safety Inspection checklists are provided to assist local fire departments in identifying common fire safety issues when conducting required inspections of child care facilities and public buildings.

Licensed Child Care and Preschool Facilities

A child care provider or facility licensed by the ND Department of Human Services must pass an annual fire safety inspection as a condition of licensure.

SFN 61110: Fire Safety Checklist for Child Care – Residential Building (Family-Group-Center-Preschool)

SFN 61111: Fire Safety Checklist for Child Care – Commercial Building (Group-Center-Preschool)


For information about additional requirements or licenses for child care facilities, contact the ND Department of Human Services.

Assemblies, Bars & Restaurants

All public buildings and any place in which 50 or more people congregate must pass a fire safety inspection.

SFN 16838: Fire Safety Checklist for Assemblies/Liquor License

SFN 61161: Fire Safety Inspection

The State Fire Marshal’s Office also provides assistance to local jurisdictions regarding fire code interpretation, application, inspection, and enforcement. Contact the State Fire Marshal’s office at (701) 328-5555.

State Building Codes are available from the ND Department of Commerce Division of Community Services.