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Jon Godfread, Commissioner:

John Arnold, Deputy Commissioner:

Jacob Just, Director of Communications:

Rachel Kriege, Administrative Division Director:

Susan Daou, Account/Budget Specialist:

Nichole Feldman, Administrative Assistant:

Matt Fischer, Chief Examiner & Company Licensing and Examinations Division Director:

Patrick Hendrickson, Financial Analyst:

Colton Mork, Financial Analyst:

Alex Schmidt, Financial Analyst:

Colton Schulz, Supervising Examiner:

Dale Pittman, Fraud Investigation Division Director:

Laney Herauf, Attorney:

Breanna Holgard, Civilian Investigator:

Becky Kopp, Special Investigator:

Mike Stoltz, Special Investigator:

Johnny Palsgraaf, General Counsel & Legal Division Director: 

Santana Edison, Attorney:

Tyler Erickson, Attorney:

Steven Podoll, Attorney:

Jamie Struthers, Attorney:

Chrystal Bartuska, Life & Health/Medicare Division Director:

Karri Morris, Medicare Manager:

Stefanie Fogel, Medicare Consumer Assistance Analyst:

Ross Hartley, Life and Health Form Analyst:

Kelly Werner, Medicare Consumer Assistance Analyst:

Colton Storseth, Life and Health Actuary:

Yuri Venjohn, Health Form Analyst:

Angie Voegele, Life and Health Consumer Assistance Analyst:

Janelle Middlestead, Producer Licensing Division Director:

Cindi Offerman, Producer Licensing Analyst:

Amanda Schmitcke, Producer Licensing Analyst:

Mike Andring, Property and Casualty Actuary:

Blaine Bergstedt, Property and Casualty Form Analyst:

Holly Brockman, Property and Casualty Consumer Assistance Analyst: 

Debra Estes, Property and Casualty Consumer Assistance Analyst: 

Doug Nelson, State Fire Marshal:

Andrew Browne, Deputy Fire Marshal:

Nick Fettig, Deputy Fire Marshal:

Kirstin Greaney-Stanger, Deputy Fire Marshal:

Kaylyn Lucas, Deputy Fire Marshal:

Marcy Ost, Administrative Assistant:

Doug Pierre, Deputy Fire Marshal:

Jess Sinerius, Deputy Fire Marshal:

Jordan VanBerkum, Deputy Fire Marshal: