Life, health, Annuity, and Property and Casualty Companies

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Section I - Fees

Fees applicable to Section I should be accompanied by a note specifying the company name, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) number and/or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and a description of the fee.

Application Fees for Admission (Retaliatory)

  • Non-Refundable Application fee - due at time of application: $500

Admission Fee Upon Approval of Application (Retaliatory)

  • Annual Statement Filing fee (billed by state): $25
  • Filing of Charter Documents (billed by state): $25
  • Filing Bylaws: $0
  • Certificate of Authority issuance fee (billed by state): $100
  • Filing Certificate of Compliance: $0
  • Filing Certificate of Deposit: $0
  • Filing Agent for Service of Process form: $0

Annual Fees (Retaliatory)

  • Certificate of Authority Renewal (due with renewal statement): $100
  • Annual Statement Filing Fee (due with renewal statement): $25
  • Filing Certificate of Compliance: $0
  • Certificate of Deposit: $0
  • Filing Abstract of Statement (due with renewal statement): $30
  • Penalty for late Filing (billed by state): $100 per day: $0

Other fees (Retaliatory)

  • Filing of Articles of Incorporation (due with amended document): $25
  • Filing of Bylaws (due with amended document):$0
  • Name change includes (due at time of request):
    • Amended or Certified Certificate of Authority: $50
    • Amended Articles of Incorporation: $25
    • Service of Process: $0
    • Amended Bylaws: $0
  • Redomestication of Foreign Insurer to another State includes (due at time of request):
    • Amended Certificate of Authority: $50
    • Amended Articles of Incorporation: $25
    • Service of Process: $0
    • Amended Bylaws: $0
  • Addition/Deletion of Line of Business (due at time of request): $50
  • Certificate of Deposit (due at time of request): $25
  • Certificate of Compliance (due at time of request): $25
  • Certificate of Valuation (due at time of request): $25
  • Service of Process (due at time of submission): $0
  • Filing of Merger Agreement: $30 (due at time of request)
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Premium Taxes (Retaliatory)

  • Tax on Direct Premium Written (due on or before March 1) Life: 2%
  • All other: 1¾%

The tax is levied on gross premiums received in the state, less any amount paid for premiums upon policies not accepted, premiums returned on cancelled policies, and any refund made to the policyholder other than for losses. North Dakota does not tax annuity premiums, however, all premium taxes are on a retaliatory state basis.

Quarterly Tax Payments
Estimated premium tax forms must be filed on or before May 30, Aug. 29, and Nov. 29. Premium taxes are payable quarterly with the final reconciled payment due March 1 of the following year. Failure to file any required tax form will be subject to penalty.

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Domestic life insurance companies must physically deposit securities of a value equal to net value of all in force policies or, in lieu of a physical deposit, file an annual verified statement detailing such securities, which must be held separate and distinct from other securities as a deposit for policyholders (N.D.C.C. § 26.1-05-23).