When you purchase an insurance policy, you are purchasing protection against the impacts of unexpected financial losses. When an unexpected event happens, your insurance company will pay you or your beneficiaries to cover items such as damages, injuries, liability, and lost wages.

Insurance policies are written contacts between the insurer and the policyholder that lays out what is covered by insurance and how much would 

Having insurance is important, and in some cases required by law, to carry. If you're involved in an accident or unexpected event, you may be responsible for all costs, which may extend beyond your injury-related expenses. Having the right protections in place now can help relieve headaches down the road. 

Insurance can also be used to cover routine things, such as preventative wellness checks and prescription medications.


What to consider when purchasing an insurance policy

  • Is your agent licensed in the state and can you trust them?
  • Does the company have a good financial and consumer assistance reputation?
  • What coverage does your family need?
  • If applicable, is your primary physician in-network with your policy?