All applications and renewal filings should be directed to the Company Licensing and Examinations Division at

Reinsurance credit is permitted under the provisions of N.D.C.C. § 26.1-31.2-01, subsection 7, when the assuming insurer is approved as a reciprocal jurisdiction reinsurer in North Dakota. N.D. Admin. Code § 45-03-07.1-04.2 also contains requirements for approval.

An insurer seeking to become a reciprocal jurisdiction reinsurer in North Dakota must submit an application following the Uniform Checklist for Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurers. A completed Form RJ-1 must also be submitted.  You can find Form RJ-1 here.


Current List of Reciprocal Jurisdictions

  • Members of the European Union
  • Bermuda
  • Japan
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • U.S. Accredited Jurisdiction


Current List of Reciprocal Reinsurers

Reciprocal Reinsurer No. Reciprocal Reinsurer Qualified Jurisdiction Lead State Effective Date
RJ-3194126 Arch Reinsurance Bermuda Missouri 10/4/2022
RJ-3191352 Ascot Bermuda Limited Bermuda Colorado 9/15/2022
RJ-3194168 Aspen Bermuda Limited Bermuda Texas 1/1/2022
RJ-1320152 Chubb European Group SE France Pennsylvania 12/19/2022
RJ-1120191 Convex Insurance UK Limited Bermuda California 1/1/2022
RJ-3191400 Convex Re Limited Bermuda California 1/1/2022
RJ-3194122 DaVinci Reinsurance, Ltd. Bermuda Maryland 9/15/2022
RJ-1340028 DEVK Re Germany Colorado 7/17/2023
RJ-3191274 Equator Reinsurances Limited Bermuda Pennsylvania 1/1/2023
RJ-3194101 Everest Reinsurance (Bermuda), Ltd. Bermuda Delaware 1/1/2023
RJ-1120175 Fidelis Underwriters Ltd United Kingdom Colorado 11/10/2022
RJ-3191485 Fortitude Reinsurance Company Limited Bermuda Texas 1/1/2023
RJ-3191437 Group Ark Insurance Limited Bermuda Delaware 10/4/2022
RJ-3191255 Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America (Bermuda) Ltd Bermuda Florida 1/1/2023
RJ-178044 Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC Ireland New York 1/1/2023
RJ-1340125 Hannover Rück SE Germany New York 1/1/2023
RJ-1460080 Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company, Ltd. Switzerland New York 1/1/2023
RJ-3190875 Hiscox Insurance Company (Bermuda), Ltd. Bermuda New York 7/17/2023
RJ-3190871 Lancashire Insurance Company, Ltd. Bermuda Colorado 9/15/2022
RJ-1840000 MAPFRE RE, Compania de Reaseguros, S.A. Spain New York 10/10/2023
RJ-1460019 MS Amlin AG Switzerland Colorado 1/1/2024
RJ-1340765 Munich Re Germany Georgia 1/1/2023
RJ-3190686 Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd. Bermuda Arkansas 1/1/2023
RJ-3191416 QBE Blue Ocean Re Limited Bermuda Pennsylvania 1/1/2023
RJ-1460023 RenaissanceRe Europe AG Switzerland Maryland 9/15/2022
RJ-3190339 Renaissance Reinsurance Ltd Bermuda Maryland 9/15/2022
RJ-3191238 RenaissanceRe Specialty U.S. Ltd Bermuda Maryland 9/15/2022
RJ-3191250 Somers Re Ltd Bermuda New Jersey 12/8/2022
Multiple; See Lloyd’s list on NAIC site Underwriters at Lloyd's United Kingdom Colorado 1/1/2022
RJ-3190870 Validus Reinsurance Ltd Bermuda Missouri 1/1/2023
RJ-1460006 Validus Reinsurance (Switzerland) Ltd Switzerland Missouri 1/1/2023
RJ-3191388 Vermeer Reinsurance Ltd Bermuda Maryland 9/15/2022