The counter sales personnel of an automobile rental company must either be licensed as insurance producers or the rental company may apply for an exemption for their sales personnel pursuant to N.D.C.C. § 26.1-26-52. To qualify for the exemption, the rental company is required to either be licensed as a North Dakota insurance producer or the company can affiliate with an individual appropriately licensed as a North Dakota insurance producer.

In order for the rental company to receive an insurance producer license, it must have at least one licensed individual who is the designed responsible licensed producer (DRLP). That individual must be licensed for the lines of authority to cover the products being sold by the rental company.

The application for exemption for the counter sales personnel must be submitted as a hard copy using the Application for Exemption by Automobile Rental Company for Counter Sales Personnel (SFN 52150). There is no fee for submitting the application for exemption.