The North Dakota Insurance Department is a state agency with the primary role of regulating the insurance industry in the State of North Dakota.  Additionally, the department provides consumer protection and assistance services to help consumers navigate the coverage and benefits within their insurance policies.



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Consumer Protection & Assistance

The Department is a team of dedicated public servants who are experienced in the ins and outs of insurance.  Did you submit an auto claim and it was rejected? Was part of a medical procedure not covered by insurance? No question is a bad question in our book.  Our team stands by to assist you with your insurance questions and issues. 

If you believe you were wronged or treated unfairly by an insurance company, the Department facilitates and handles complaints against insurance companies in North Dakota. 

The Department also assists consumers with Medicare through the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) program.  This service assists North Dakotans in understanding choices, enrolling, comparing plans, and submitting appeals while providing unbiased and confidential support.  Additionally, the Department offers Prescription Connection to connect citizens with prescription medication that would otherwise be unattainable.  


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Fraud Investigations

Committing insurance fraud is a crime and is one of the most profitable crimes in the United States.  The North Dakota Insurance Department receives fraud tips and inquiries from the public and investigates any wrongdoing to determine if fraud was committed. 

Our team investigates fraud claims, recommends charges, and may prosecute alleged fraud.  The public is encouraged to report any fraud within North Dakota to the Department.  You can do so by clicking here.


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Agent & Company Licensing

Before an individual or company can market and sell insurance in the State of North Dakota, they need to become licensed through the Department.  In order to do this, applicants will be reviewed and must pass all applicable examinations before they are permitted to sell insurance in the State. 


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Financial Surveillance & Market Conduct

It's common knowledge that companies need to have enough money in order to stay afloat. That couldn't be more true for insurance companies.  The Department collects and analyzes the financial data of insurance companies to ensure that there is enough money to pay claims.

The Department also performs market conduct examinations to protect the public's trust in the insurance marketplace.  The examinations review a company's conduct and how consumers were treated. This includes assessing a company's complaints, claims processing, agent licensing, and adherence to state and federal laws.


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Rates & Policies

The rates you pay and the specific benefits you receive through your insurance all pass through the Department.  Our team analyzes the rates that consumers pay and what benefits are associated with each policy to ensure it complies with laws and regulations, as well as the viability of what is being promised.