If you have an inquiry or a question relating to insurance, please do not use the online complaint database, as it is for complaints only. If you have questions relating to insurance, please contact the North Dakota Insurance Department via email at or call our office at (701) 328-2440.

Before filing a complaint, please make sure you have considered your other options:

  • Have you contacted your agent for help?
  • Have you contacted the company for help?
  • Have you sent the insurance company the information they requested?
  • Have you asked the company to explain the reason for not paying your claim?
  • Have you asked to have your claim reviewed by its medical review board (for example, the medical review board of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota)?

To file a complaint, please complete the online Consumer Complaint form. You may also request a form by contacting the North Dakota Insurance Department. Your completed complaint form gives us authorization to review your concerns and provides the information necessary to pursue our investigation.

Describe your complaint:

  • Provide a factual description of your problem - what happened, who was involved and why you think you have been wronged.
  • Describe how you have tried to resolve the problem.
  • If the complaint involves a dependent under family coverage, identify the person named on the policy.
  • If your complaint is against someone else's insurance company (for example, the other driver's), include his or her name, policy number and your claim number.
  • State what you want the company or agent to do (e.g., pay a claim, make a refund, etc.).

Whether you file your complaint online or via mail, to adequately research your complaint, we will need copies (not originals) of all relevant documents that you may have. If you are filing your complaint, please attach electronic copies of the following, or if mailing or faxing your complaint, please send us copies of the following:

  • Letters you have written to the insurance company or agent concerning the problem and letters they have written to you.
  • Your insurance policy or (for group health insurance) the part of your benefits handbook concerning the disputed coverage. Mark the section you think supports your complaint.
  • Letters written by other persons (e.g., your doctor or lawyer) concerning the problem.
  • Sales literature or worksheets (if these are relevant).
  • The claim you filed with the insurance company.
  • Any other documents that are pertinent to your problem (e.g., annual statements, claims, estimates or medical records).

Please do not send doctor or hospital bills unless there is a specific problem with the bill itself.

Things the Insurance Department cannot do:

  • Determine liability
  • Act as an attorney or give legal advice
  • Rule on factual disputes
  • Determine the cause of loss or damage
  • Demand the insurance company state a value for ACV or what valuation process to use
  • Force a company or agent to satisfy you if no laws have been violated, even if you believe the agent or company has been unfair

The role of the Insurance Department is to determine if the company is in compliance with the insurance laws of the state and following the coverage provided by the policy.