Use the information here to assist your company with filing the various financial reports, data reports and premium tax reports that are required in North Dakota. If you're not able to find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Annual Data Report Forms

All carriers writing hospital, surgical and medical expense and major medical business in the individual, small group and large group markets in North Dakota are required by law to submit annual data report forms (N.D.C.C. § 26.1-36.4-06 and N.D. Admin. Code § 45-06-06.1-11).

Please complete the forms below and return them to the Department no later than March 15. If a form is not applicable, no submission is required.

Small group annual actuarial certifications must also be received on March 15. The certification must be filed as a rate filing and must address all aspects of N.D.C.C. § 26.1-36.3-04(2). Please note also that there is a substantial penalty for small group data forms received after March 15.

Companies with no business to report are not required to file these forms.

Please contact us with any questions.

Premium Tax Filing

Every stock and mutual insurance company, nonprofit health service corporation, health maintenance organization, prepaid legal service organization and risk retention group (with 26 or more resident members/insureds) must file:

  • A quarterly tax statement and pay any applicable tax by the dates stated on the forms (May 30, Aug. 29, Nov. 29).
  • A reconciled tax statement and pay any applicable tax or minimum tax filing fee by March 1 annually.

Failure to file any statement or pay any applicable tax or minimum tax filing fee by the date required subjects the company to a penalty pursuant to N.D.C.C. § 26.1-03-17(3). You must file statements even if no tax is due.

Your filing date will be the date you complete a premium tax statement.

Optins is an electronic system that provides a faster and easier way to submit your premium tax statements and payments. Submitting statements or payments through mail is prohibited and will be returned.

If you need assistance, email or call (701)328-2440

Fire District Payments

Every insurance company licensed to do business in North Dakota is subject to a premium tax on the gross amount of its annual premiums, membership fees and policy fees received from North Dakota policyholders as reported on the company's North Dakota state page of its annual statement. The premium tax rate is two percent for life insurance and one and three-fourths percent for accident, health, property, casualty and surplus lines of insurance.

The insurance premium tax is administered by the Insurance Commissioner and is collected quarterly and deposited into the State General Fund. North Dakota law provides that properly organized fire districts receive financial assistance in the form of an annual payment administered by the Commissioner. 

The 68th legislature provided a continuing appropriation for the 23-25 Biennium. This means the full 1.75% of the gross premium collected for the prior year is allocated to qualified fire districts in North Dakota based on the relationship of gross premium reported for each fire district to the total gross premiums reported statewide.

Filings must be completed electronically and sent to Rachel Kriege at



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