At-Home COVID Test Reimbursement Information


On January 10, 2022, the Biden-Harris Administration announced that effective January 15, 2022, insurance companies are required to cover at-home COVID-19 tests for their policy holders.  This means that the insurance companies for individuals with a private insurance policy or a group health plan will pay for, or reimburse for, up to eight tests per month per individual.  Tests can be purchased through the insurance company’s in-network pharmacy with no cost sharing.  If tests are not available at an in-network pharmacy, tests may be purchased at various retail stores.  Tests purchased outside of in-network pharmacies are reimbursed up to $12.  The list of FDA approved tests that are eligible can be found here.

The reimbursement process is outlined in this federal FAQ.  There is no coverage of these tests for individuals who only have Medicare.  Individuals with a Medicare Supplement plan or Medicare Advantage plan are recommended to contact their insurance company with questions on reimbursement.  Traditional medical policy holders are recommended to contact their employer and/or insurer with questions about the process as each insurer may have a different process.

Home testing guidance from the North Dakota Department of Health can be found here.

Additional information from Insurance Companies:

Insurance Company contact information:   

  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield of ND - 1-844-363-8457
  • Sanford Health Plan - 1-888-234-9649
  • Medica Insurance Company - 1-800-952-3455
  • United Healthcare Insurance Company - 1-866-414-1959
  • HealthPartners Insurance Company - 1-800-883-2177

Additional Federal links: