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BISMARCK, N.D. – The North Dakota Insurance Department has released the results of an annual survey on the cost of auto insurance in North Dakota.

The survey analyzes the cost of auto insurance for 12 different policies with varying factors, including age, sex, marital status and vehicle use. Since insurance rates can vary by zip code, the survey provides rates for drivers in different regions of North Dakota. 20 insurance companies licensed in North Dakota participated in the survey. 

“We issue this survey every year to paint a picture for North Dakotans on auto insurance rates so consumers can compare with their current policy,” said Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread. “I highly recommend that folks review their auto insurance annually for cost and coverage. A lot can change in a year, so having that discussion with your insurance agent is important.” 

The companies participating in the survey, combined, sell more than 80 percent of the auto insurance purchased in the state. The companies listed in the report are not a recommendation or endorsement. Companies were selected based on volume in the state.

Drivers in the state who cannot purchase insurance in the open market may be eligible for the “assigned risk” plan. The plan is available to those eligible as a last resort if coverage through private companies is denied. Contact a licensed agent about accessing this plan.

The survey is available here.

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