Resident producers moving out of North Dakota need to request a Letter of Clearance to the new resident state in order to be able to apply for a resident license in the new resident state. Letter of Clearance requests must be submitted in writing using a Request for Letter of Clearance (SFN 60808) form.

Resident producers have the option to convert their North Dakota resident license to a non-resident license or to voluntarily cancel their resident license. There is no fee to convert the resident license to a non-resident license.

If the producer chooses to convert the resident license to a non-resident license, a 30-day non-resident license will be issued pending issuance of a resident license in the producer’s new resident state. If a resident license is not issued within 30 days, the North Dakota non-resident license will be canceled and the producer will need to submit a new application through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR).

Letters of Clearance requests are processed within three business days. There is no fee for submitting a Letter of Clearance request.

Once the request for a Letter of Clearance is processed, the producer will receive an e-mail with the letter attached. Hard copies will also be mailed via USPS to the mailing address listed on the Letter of Clearance request form.

The completed Request for Letter of Clearance form can be emailed, faxed or mailed to the North Dakota Insurance Department.