I am an Arizona licensed agent and have recently moved to North Dakota and obtained employment through an agency in Williston. What are the requirements for me to become licensed in North Dakota? 

According to the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), your Arizona resident license is still active. You will need to cancel your Arizona resident license before you can apply for a North Dakota resident license. Once your Arizona license has been canceled, you can apply for a North Dakota license through NIPR. The fee is $100 plus a $5 transaction fee. If you apply to North Dakota within 90 days of the date your Arizona license is canceled, you will not have to take any prequalifying exams.

What is the license renewal procedure for a non-resident agent?

Non-resident individuals must renew their licenses every two years by the last day of their birth month. The expiration dates are printed on the licenses. You may look up the expiration date of a license through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) State Based Systems (SBS).

The producer license issued to a business entity is a perpetual/continuous license that does not have an expiration/renewal date. The license remains in good standing as long as the resident license is active and in good standing, the named designated producer is active and in good standing, and the certificate of authority issued by the North Dakota Secretary of State is in good standing.

I am a non-resident producer. Do I have continuing education (CE) requirements in North Dakota?

No. As long as your license in your home state is in good standing, there are no additional continuing education (CE) requirements in North Dakota for non-resident producers.

How long before an insurance license expires is it possible to renew it?

Producers have a 90-day window in which to renew their license prior to expiration.

Do I need to be fingerprinted in North Dakota to hold a North Dakota non-resident producer license?


​​​​​​​How do I print my license?
​​​​​​​I am in the process of getting my life and health/property and casualty license. Do I need to take any prelicensing courses?

North Dakota law no longer requires an individual to take prelicensing courses.

How do I reinstate a canceled license?

You can simply re-apply. Visit the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) to apply for a new license. The initial license fee is $100.

​​​​​​​How do I renew a non-resident license?

You may renew your license by visiting the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) or by submitting a Uniform Application for Individual Producer License Renewal/Continuation form. Please visit our Renew License page for more information.

How do I contact the Producer Licensing Division of the North Dakota Insurance Department?

You may contact the Producer Licensing Division via phone, mail, fax or email:

Producer Licensing Division
North Dakota Insurance Department
600 E Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58505-0320
(701) 328-2440
(800) 247-0560 Consumer Hotline
(800) 366-6888 TTY Line