Update Name

Name changes must be submitted in writing within 30 days of the change. Please complete and submit a Change of Address and/or Name (SFN 50072) form. Resident individuals submitting a name change must attach a copy of a legal document, such as a court order or marriage certificate, providing evidence of the change. There is no fee for processing a name change.

Non-resident individuals and business entities should amend their name in their resident state before submitting the change to the North Dakota Insurance Department.

Business entities should amend their name with the North Dakota Secretary of State before submitting the change.

Update Address

Address changes must be submitted within 30 days of the change. With address changes, the residence or business address must be a physical street address. A post office box may be used for a mailing address only. There is no fee for submitting an address change electronically or on paper.

Please submit address changes for individuals by visiting the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). You need to provide your actual resident and business addresses and complete the mailing address. Resident addresses are not provided to the public, however, business and mailing addresses are available to the public. All documents from the North Dakota Insurance Department will be sent to the mailing address on record.

For business entities and anyone unable to submit an electronic address change, you may complete and submit a Change of Address and/or Name (SFN 50072) form.

Update Email

Email address changes may be completed by visiting the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR).